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You've said YES to the ring, YES to the dress, and now YES to us! Congratulations on your amazing decision-making skills!

Now what?!
Sit back, and let us handle the hard stuff. We will send you a fun questionnaire and schedule a consultation call or meeting. We will then look at pretty samples and Pinterest boards (check out ours), and when we've all agreed on prices and timelines, we will approve the invoice and sign the contract (I promise to make the boring stuff move quickly). I require 50% payment up front, and the remaining payment before releasing the final files to you or the printer.

Now, on to the fun part!
I will send you multiple design options to choose from and (hopefully) swoon over. We'll pick a direction, make revisions, and continue on with the remaining items in the suite. And just like that, they're designed! I told you it's fun. I'll take care of the ordering, so you just need to sit tight and check the mailbox. Take this time to have a glass of wine and continue to stare at your bling (you know you want to). After you have everything in your pretty little hands, I have just one favor to ask of you...please submit a review of our work together so I can continue to improve upon myself and my process.

That's it! Not too bad, right?