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Tips to help you have the most AMAZING wedding invitations for your dream wedding

Chelsea B. Design Studio

Chelsea B. Design Studio

You’ve saved the date, secured the venue, and booked the photographer…so what’s next? Time to start thinking about your wedding stationery! With endless options for the design, finishes, and day of pieces, it may be a bit overwhelming, but we’re here to help!

We are Lauren Reed of Darling+Pearl, and Chelsea Burkholder of Chelsea B. Design Studio, and we are passionate about helping you brand your wedding day through your wedding stationery. Everyone has a unique aesthetic and it is our job to create one-of-a-kind pieces that perfectly represent you and your fiancé. 

Chelsea B. Design Studio

Chelsea B. Design Studio


Getting married and designing wedding invitations is not a normal, everyday thing to understand. A lot of our inquiries start with “what’s your process”, so, to give you a better understanding of what to expect, let me break down the process a bit for you in seven easy steps.

Step 1- You find us and start the conversation! Easy enough.

Step 2- We answer your questions, and send you a basic estimate without getting too in depth. We will give you a general overview of our services, but may not get super specific with your project, unless otherwise asked.

Step 3- It’s a match! You like what we have to offer, and we can provide you with your ideal, DREAM wedding invitations. Now’s the time for you to deposit your money, and send us your design inspiration and Pinterest boards! We will discuss wants, needs, likes, and dislikes.

Step 4- We design those beautiful invitations and send them to you for approval.

Step 5- Revisions, edits, and proofreading! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure everything is spelled correctly, and all the dates and locations are correct.

INSIDER TIP: Read the invitations backwards! When reading from right to left, bottom to top, your brain is forced to process each word individually rather than gloss over the sentence as a whole. ALSO, have a third party look over them with fresh eye, and then proof read it one more time!

Step 6- Once all the revisions are made and the invitations are all prettied up, it’s time for you to make that final payment. This is our kick off to print!

Step 7- We print and ship and get them into your hands! I told you it was easy!

Wedding Invitation Timeline | Blush Production Schedule | Chelsea B. Design Studio Stationery


Now that you know everything that has to happen once you book with us, here’s a quick little timeline to sum it all up. Just refer back to this throughout the wedding planning process to keep you on track.  Once your designer is hired, they will take care of this for just pretend that we even mentioned this!


There are two main options when it comes to printing wedding invitations: flat and letterpress. There are pros and cons to both, it’s just a matter of deciding which is the best for you!

Flat Printing- This is the least expensive option of the two. The actual printing process is much more automated, so it is generally quicker and requires less manual labor overall. Because of this, it is your best option for a short timeline. 

There is a lot of flexibility with flat printing, and it offers an unlimited number of colors. This means you can include photo quality images on both sides of the card if you wanted to, (though I don’t necessarily recommend it).

Chelsea B. Design Studio

Chelsea B. Design Studio

Letterpress- Aaaaaah, letterpress. This is a traditional art form that started in the early 19th century, and printers today still use a lot of the original machinery. This caste iron machinery creates a premium and luxurious tactile quality to the prints as a slight deboss effect is created where the machine hits the paper.  Because of this printing technique, there are thicker paper stock options that are available to add variety to your pieces.

Each piece is hand crafted, and ink is added to the machine one color at a time. Because of this process, more colors = more money. Is it worth it? Yes! Letterpress printed invitations are just straight up PRETTY!


We get it. Sometimes you just can’t spend the money. However, there are still some ways to be cost effective and still get that custom look and feel that you’ve been drooling over.

You can combine information onto a fewer number of pieces. Limiting the enclosures will save you money in materials and design/printing time. You can then direct your guests to a website for the additional information. Just remember, if you are including a website on your invitations, please consider purchasing a simplified domain name instead of the length URL’s that are given to you. Instead of, you can instead purchase (or .info) for an easy-to-remember site. It’s much more visually appealing on an invitation as well...just saying...

Another way to save that mulah is to use a postcard for the response card. This will save you money on envelopes!

Lastly, consider ordering these items at the same time: save the dates, invites, and thanks you cards. This will save consultation time, money at press or when printing, and all ideas will be hashed out with your designer to provide a cohesive feel throughout.

Hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, or want to ADD some helpful tips that you have learned, feel free to comment below! We love learning sneaky tips!

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All the best in love and life,

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