OCTOBER WEDDING INSPIRATION (pumpkins not included)

You’re staring at your bling all day, still getting used to your new name (hey there Fiancé!), and you’ve just set your wedding date for October of next year. Congratulations! Among all of the congrats, squeals, and spontaneous dance parties, the first thing that people ask is “Ooo, are you planning a Halloween themed wedding?” Um...no.

If you are a bride like I was, you love fall, but do not want to see pumpkins at your wedding. You still want to have the feel and overall fall aesthetic, but just need some inspiration to get you started. Well ladies, this blog is for you!

While yes, themed Halloween weddings have their time and place for that very special and unique couple, there are so many other fall inspirations that you can pull from for wedding décor. I'm here to give you permission to not use a single orange napkin or pumpkin spiced anything! (I’m sorry, I’m just not on the PSL train...but please don’t hold that against me.) Yes, pumpkin decor can be classed up and blinged out (thanks to Martha Stewart), but let’s just think out of the box for a minute here, and instead, incorporate the colors, the feelings, and the ooey gooey warmth that comes with the crisp air and warm beverages of fall. I promise you, it will be beautiful!

For example, instead of just thinking "orange", let's instead think of saffron, turmeric, and tamarind spiced colors. (Anyone else hungry now?)
Instead of black, let's think dark grays, bronze, navy, and purple.

I have created two mood boards that you can use as inspiration for your fall wedding, so please, indulge below and look around you for all kinds of inspiration!

Go with me here, what if…we didn’t include a red or orange color at all! Crazy, I know!

Let’s try fuchsias, purples, and grays. You may be thinking, “but won’t these colors clash with the foliage of the changing leaves in pictures?” I can speak confidently from experience and say no! In fact, the contrast between the reds and oranges of the trees, against the purples and fuchsias of the dresses, will actually create a wonderfully balanced photo where your bridal party will stand out from the background, rather than blend in.

My wedding was in October, and I basically boycotted the fact that everyone told me I should use burgundy and orange as my colors. (I also have to confess, that once someone tells me to do something, I will probably just go and do the opposite…I’m working on it people). I considered it, but I was just not me. I didn’t wear those colors in normal day to day life, so why should I have to conform to the seasonal norms for THE biggest day of my life? Nope. Rebel my friends, you can do it!

So let’s say this together everyone, "No more pumpkin weddings!" That is, unless, you really, REALLY like them. You do not need to follow any kind of social norm when it comes to your wedding, because YOU are your own individual and your wedding should absolutely reflect that!

Now get on over to Pinterest, pin these boards, and start planning your October wedding!


PS: As always, Chelsea B. Design Studio is here to answer your wedding invitations questions and inquiries. We love fall weddings, lets get started!